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We would like to introduce ourselves as a leading supplier for a variety of Supermarket products from Texas that can comply with regulations throughout the world.

Falcon Export Services, Inc. is owned and operated by Luis A. Testé who has been supplying Supermarkets, Catering & Restaurants products for over 25 years throughout the world.

Due to many regulations, our computers and warehouse are setup to comply with such standards. Foreign language can be added with a small sticker. The Pack/Expiry dates can be added to the products with some of the best equipment in the world. This information will make it simple to clear customs worldwide. We have supplied our customers with these services for many years.

Due to changes in regulations, we customize each order, so that you will not have any problems when clearing customs. You can mix many items, canned or packaged food products, detergents, health & beauty products, etc. We can ship by containers or crates, as you may need.

We are able to supply most USA national brands as well as many private label products. We also do special handling for companies that represent USA manufacturers that cannot do any special handling. We can receive the products, add the sticker and pack/expiry dates as needed, and consolidate with other items to comply with local regulations, and then ship to final destination.

The products that we ship are the freshest available: Whether food like: canned vegetables, fruits or meats, candies, cookies, confectionaries, oils, flour, mayonnaise, biscuits, spaghetti, noodles, coffee, etc., frozen products as vegetables, fruits, juices, etc., paper products, etc. We can mix the containers as needed, complying with your local regulations. We can be your best supplier- Dry or Refrigerated.

Our warehouse is located near the Port of Houston and Houston's Bush Intercontinental Airport, so we can make either ocean or air shipments promptly. Our warehouse can handle most products that you may need. It will be a pleasure to make a program suitable to your needs. If you have any requirements, please feel free to contact us. A catalog can be sent immediately by email or mail as per your request. We are ready to save you money. We wait for your comments

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